Hartlepool Divers Club Membership has great benefits.

Below we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions we are asked, however please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions you have without obligation.


Membership of Hartlepool Divers Club is a great way to meet new people, become a part of a great club and enjoy diving.

We accept members from ANY diving agencies i.e PADI etc at any level as crossovers will be accommodated and training given if required.


 Membership of Hartlepool Divers Club

Who to speak to

Tony Willcox is the club Treasurer and is in charge of all memberships.  He can usually be found at the club on Thursday and Sunday nights.


Join BSAC or remain with your own diving agency .

We only train using the BSAC training package.


There are two main levels of membership available for BSAC, full and abated.  To become a full member it costs around £50 per year, and if two people from the same address join together, one of them could join as an abated member for only £35 per year.


Join Hartlepool Divers

To join Hartlepool Divers it is a fixed cost of £100 per year per person.  This entitles you to FREE air fills for 232bar cylinders, access to the club boats, use of the clubhouse, and Ocean Diver and Sports Diver courses at a cost of £100.  It is a friendly and accessible club, welcoming to divers of all backgrounds and qualification levels. For an extra £30 per year, you can have access to the clubs nitrox facilities with unlimited fills up to 50%, providing that you are suitably qualified.We now have an O2 service Haskell pump available for all club members use.(more rebreather divers are requesting this facility for 100% cylinder fills.)



I'm already qualified through another organisation but would still like to join BSAC.

If you are a diver with an existing qualification from another organisation, it is possible to use SALT to transfer your qualification across to the equivalent level within BSAC.  All you need to do is be assessed by the Diving Officer and fill in the appropriate forms.Or remain with your training agency if you want.


If I join part way through the year, will I still have to pay for the full years membership?

No, the cost for half the year is £50.


Will I be able to take a boat out myself?

Not straight away, but once you have gained your boat handling certificate with 5 assistant cox's and been in the club for a year, you will be able to book one of our boats for any club dives.