Welcome to Hartlepool Divers Club - BSAC 985. Hartlepool BSAC currently has approximately 80 members with a wide range of active divers from Ocean Divers to Advanced Instructor. Our interests as divers also vary to include wreck diving, conservation, underwater photography and videoing, reef diving, sport diving, technical diving and much more.


We currently have two active club boats which we try to use on a weekly basis (for more information on these and our other equipment please see our Club Facilities page). We dive locally, regionally, nationally and internationally as a club, in quarries, lakes and anywhere we can get wet... yes some members have even dived in the park pond!!...


We hope you find this site both useful and enjoyable. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information that you can’t find on this site or even just to share information.


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Welcome to Hartlepool Divers Club.

Welcome to hartlepool Divers Club, Diving Club North East

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