Hartlepool Divers Club have some of the best facilities around for its members.

From a fully equipped lecture room, to the use of our dive boats and two compressors, with 'banked' air and Haskel pump with nitrox mixing panel, a  dedicated parking area for our members, we have everything you need.

Club Facilities


Lecture Room


Hartlepool Dive Club's lecture room is more than ample for lectures and meetings for up to 15 people. Its where our committee meetings, diving lectures and tests are held and we have recently equipped the room with new furniture and equipment.



Club Room


The Club Room is the main meeting place for our club members. it is open every Thursday and Sunday evening from 8pm, and has a well stocked bar which is run mainly by committee members.

members usually use this time to discuss all aspects of diving on an informal basis, from what diving has recently taken place, to what is being planned, from kit for sale and general configuration to latest designs.


Opening Hours - Thursdays & Sundays 8pm to 11.30pm


The Club Room is available to club members for parties and events free of charge. it is also used for training and courses, both in house and externally.




We currently have two club RIB's.  They are extremely well looked after and their maintenance is carried out voluntarily by club members.

Specifications                     Destroyer 1                        Destroyer 2

   Length:-                            5.5 meters                          5.4 meters

   Power:-                          100hp 4 stroke              75hpr Mercury 4 stroke

Any club member who has been with the club for 1 year and has five Assistant Cox experiences and a BSAC boat handling qualification, may use the boats anytime at no cost, providing they have been pre-booked through the Diving Officer.





The compressor is a free air facility supplied to any subscribed club member.  It is accessible through a locked hatch at the front of the club house and is capable of filling both a-clamp and din bottles. The club also supplies O2 to its club members for a small fee.

Compressor Specifications

Type:    Reavell Compair VHP15

Filters: Triple system


We also have a mixing panel for our certified members to mix their own gas...

 Haskel Pump.

We have a double action Haskel pump ,in O2 service for club members who require 100% Oxygen for rebreathers and to make full use of our Oxygen cylinders.The access for use of this facility is covered in the Nitrox subsciption fee. 

Gas blending room.


O2 service Haskel Pump(300bar)

Car Parking


There is ample car parking outside the club, and should the instance arise we can also use the Sea Cadets next door. The car park is directly outside the club house on a quiet road on the marina.  It is a pleasant area for us to be situated, but as in any public car park, cars are left at the owners own risk, so please make sure that all valuables are out of sight. A parking permit can be obtained from behind the bar for free.